How To Download ? Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

Fruit Ninja is a unique game. It has attracted millions of users around the world.

Play Fruit Ninja like never before! We’ve rebuilt the legendary original slicing game from the ground up, adding fresh new gameplay and characters for new and existing fans alike!

In this game, you will explore  the nuances of Classic, Zen and the fan favorite Arcade mode to expand your skills. Slice for a high score, use power ups and special bananas to maximum effect, and go crazy on the multi-slice Pomegranate.

Ready to put your super skills to the test? Play through six challenging minigames and use the Golden Apples earned to enter Event mode, where you’ll clash with other characters from the Fruit Ninja world and can win powerful new blades and dojos. All Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay. Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? Mix and match your gear, experiment with all the powers and find what works for you!

Be the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash!

Download Fruit Ninja Mod Apk. Download links are given below.


Name Of Game : Fruit Ninja
Category : Adventure Games
Publish Date : 26.05.2017
Size : 91 MB
Developer Firm : Halfbrick Studios
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,3
How Many Times Downloaded : 5.000.000+


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Download Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Apk

Sniper 3D Assassin is an action game. If you like sniper games, you will love the cool Sniper 3D game. Here, your duty will include racing against time, exploding helicopters in american cities, killing zombies and quite a few bloody headshots in slow motion. You can solve the puzzle, save the victims and kill only the right target hidden in the crowd.

Sniper 3D Assassin® is brought to you by Fun Games For Free. you can play this game on both your phone and tablet. Sniper 3D assassin is very addictive gameplay. you will see  Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations in this game. controls of sniper 3D assassin is very easy and intuitive.


* Best sniper game on kindle

* Best shooting game ever

* Sniper 3D assassin has hundreds of thrilling missions

* Addicting gameplay (FPS)

* Aim, Shoot and Kill! Be the assassin you dreamed to be!!

* Easy and Intuitive controls

* Free game and Play offline without wifi


Download this game for free and Fight the global war on crime and become the Ultimate Shooter.

Name Of Game : Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games
Category : Sniper Games
Publish Date : 06.07.2017
Size : 66 MB
Developer Firm : Fun Games For Free
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 3,9
How Many Times Downloaded : 50.000.000+



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Download Battle Time Mod Apk

Battle Time is a strategic game. You will be a general of an army in the game.

command your own army of different warriors. Choose the best general who will lead your army to new victories. Become a great general in the fantasy world of the game for Android. Attack enemy troops and capture castles. Control units of your army on the battlefield. You will create and build an attack strategy and try to apply this strategy with your army to win the battle and struggle for this.

In this game Every character has unique skills efficient for specific technical situation. Upgrade your character’s skills because it will help you conquer the land faster.

 In BATTLE TIME you will meet:
– Plenty of maps, each of them presents a unique tactical objective
– Bright, eye-catching graphics
– The game is controlled in a simple and obvious way
– The gameplay is dynamic and run by your intuition
* Over 300 fights you will play
* Several unique heroes to choose
* Good controls
* Ancient artifacts
* Upgrade your heroes
Use your strategic talent and cunning tactics to defeat enemies. If u want to download this game. you can download from our links given below. 

Name Of Game : BattleTime
Category : Strategy Games
Publish Date : 26.07.2017
Size : 37 MB
Developer Firm : Foggybus Ltd.
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,4


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Call Of Victory Mod Apk Download

Call of victory mod apk is a action,strategy and full action game. In this game you have to build your own strategies and be successful on it. plunge straight into the greatest conflict of the 20th century in call of victory. you will need many soldiers to win the war and collect soldiers as many as you need in the game. Command your own army and lead your troops to victory in this strategy game in real time.

Monitor and place 50 unique units of this historical period. Keep in mind that these units specialists can be used to keep an eye on enemy. And Fight on real locations throughout Europe including London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Command your troops through forts, bunkers, barbed wire, tank traps and landmines to take the outpost of the enemy, and defeat hostile enemies along the way.

In this game you will find new military units and weapons such as a sniper rifle, sniper, flamethrowers, grenadier etc. Make up your own strategy, rule your units and soldiers and became a great commander.

  • More than 50 different and authentic units
  • Over 35 achievements through GameCircle
  • 4 different modes: PvP match, Storm strike, Last man standing, Endless challenge
  • Hundreds of upgradeable weapons and technologies
  • Simple tap and line-drawing controls make the game accessible to all gamers
  • Cartoonish graphics and plenty of cover-based objects in the battlefield
If You want to play this full-action, strategy and adventurous game You can download our game from the given links below !!

Name Of Game : Call of Victory
Category : Action Games
Publish Date : 06.03.2017
Size : 40 MB
Developer Firm : VOLV Interactive
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,1
How Many Times Downloaded : 500.000+


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Download Monster Fantasy Mod Apk

Monster Fantasy is a strategic game. This game is based on monsters battles. You will be a monster trainer in the game. You will collect all the powerful monsters in the world and try to train them strongly. You will put monsters you have trained into monster wars and make them win wars.

Monsters have different types that have both strengths and weaknesses. To train different monster according to interests and strategies is the essence of this game. Each monster learns different skills as he grows and various combinations of skills make it very interesting play.


★ Train different types of monsters according to interest and strategies.

★  Various skill combinations make the game very interesting.

★  Send and receive monsters between friends.

★  Mechanism System: Unlock the mechanism to challenge Gym Masters.

★  Players can enjoy the battle, roadside flowers and beautiful sky while traveling through      the world.

★ Game Hall System: Play puzzles and exchange rewards with coupons.


If you want to play this game. you can download from the links given below.

Name Of Game : Monster Fantasy
Category : RPG
Publish Date : 25.05.2017
Size : 304 MB
Developer Firm : Longtong Communication Co.,Ltd.
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,1
How Many Times Downloaded : 500.000+



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Download Head Soccer Mod Apk

Head Soccer mod apk game is one of the most famous sports game around the world. We can define this game as a funny alternative for those who like playing football games with its cartoon illustration. choose your team and play matches against the strongest teams in the world. Use tricks and score a lot of goals forthe opponent. Beat the opponent with fancy lethal shots such as dragon shoot, ice shoot and lightening shoot and win the tournament.You can also matchup with friends or global users through the game center.

Controls of soccer game are very easy that everyone can learn in one second. Just Move to the side, hard-to-control soccer.


+ Various 66 Avatars & Unique Special Shot !!
+ 6 Game mode (Arcade, Tournament, Survial, League, Head Cup, Death Mode)
+ Online Multiplayer via Google Play Service
+ Physics based gameplay (Box2d)
+ Submit Facebook

The game does not take too much space on your device, and does not require a lot of resources. Fight against other players from all over the world and find out who is the best!!

Play this fun soccer game anytime, anywhere download Link is below.


Name Of Game : Head Soccer
Category : Sports Game
Publish Date : 20.07.2017
Size : 63 MB
Developer Firm : D&D Dream
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,2
How Many Times Downloaded : 50.000.000+




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Kingdom Rush Mod Apk Download

Kingdom Rush is a action fantasy defence game.Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command!Fight on forests, mountains and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations.

Levels, skills and heroes are reproduced in this game. All maps and heroes in-game are being played unlocked and it doesn’t want premium.Being many alternatives of heroes is a nice detail and heroes are being increased on every attacts. So by this way your hero is being a stronger warrior!


★ Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours.

★ Over 18 tower abilities! Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies.

★ Over 40 enemies with unique abilities! Stay on your toes as you fight through desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes and underground terrors.

★ 8 specialized tower upgrades to customize your strategy.

★ Special units and features on every stage! Watch out for the Black Dragon!

★ Intense boss fights never seen on a defense game

★ Hours of gameplay with over 70 achievements

You can download Kingdom Rush game from the given link below.


Name Of Game : Kingdom Rush
Category : Defence
Publish Date : 22.07.2017
Size : 194 MB
Developer Firm : Ironhide Game Studio
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,7
How Many Times Downloaded : 5.000.000+


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Download Jungle Heat Android Apk

Jungle Heat is a strategy game. In this game you have to build your own village. Basically jungle heat is a building village game and war game which seems like clash of clans game. In this game Your task is to free the native riches, to rip them out of the hands of the bloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself! The treasures of the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages. So onward – fortify the walls, hire troops, and onward to battle!

Jungle Heat is a game where you should to build and manage a military operation. There are many warrior and character in-game. Brutal battles, military bases, wild jungles, and all this displayed with beautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings, which will delight even the most ardent fans of battle games.



* Ability to upgrade buildings and troops to increase the power

* Ability to build and create powerful database tools

* Play in the forest are beautiful and true

* Create various war materials to shoot the enemy

* Having the colorful graphics and stunning HD

* Phish amazing music in the tropical forest

* Ability to play online with other users to earn points

* Addictive game play + has a quick and easy installation

 Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you can play on any device or social network.

Name Of Game : Jungle Heat
Category : Action Games
Publish Date : 22.07.2017
Size : 44 MB
Developer Firm : MY.COM
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,4


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Download Subway Surfers Monaco Mod Apk


Subway Surfer is a non ending game with lots of amazing features with all its versions. New subway surfers Monaco mod Apk is just like the previous version of Subway Surfers, brings new items such as changes skater board and outfits for the characters, ice caves and new locations with brand new challenges. Join Jake, tricky and Fresh on their latest adventure in the vibrant city of Monaco and experience a prestigious car race along the yacht-lined harbor.

In order to jump over tracks, trains, bridges and other hurdles to escape approaching cop you will need lots of coins for power-ups and boosts, which you can get for free by installing latest Subway Surfers unlimited coins hack on your mobile device

In this game  you have to collect some really colorful Hidden Eggs to get all those weekly hunt prizes for the game.Subway Surfers is a very exciting and endless game with not losing interest at any point.

Subway surfers all versions till now are not as reliable as the Monaco city tour. In Monaco version you will see all the new themes and Animations. with the latest hijacker skateboard And amazing costumes as their outfit is just making the game mind blowing.

Benefits With Subway Surfers Monaco Mod Hack Apk

. Unlimited Key Access

. Unlimited Coins Access

. Infinite Power-Up’s

. Access To All Outfits

. Access To All Characters

. Fast Respawing

. No Lack With Interface

. Double Coin Feature Unlocked

. Access To Infinite Boards

 Features Of Game :-

★ Grind trains with your cool crew!
★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
★ Hoverboard Surfing!
★ Paint powered jetpack!
★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
★ Challenge and help your friends!

You can play this game with unlimited keys, coins, score boosters, mega headstart and variety of skateboards. Download link is below.

Name Of Game : Subway Surfers Monaco
Category : Arcade Games
Publish Date : 14.07.2017
Size : 40 MB
Developer Firm : Kiloo
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,4
How Many Times Downloaded : 500.000.000+


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How To Download ? Darkest Hunters Mod Apk

Darkest Hunters is a excited strategy game. you will join into strategic struggles against your enemies in the game. firstly, choose your hero, grab a weapon,learn new spells and hunt.!!  Kill every nasty beats you meet,collect loot and find the rarest and the greatest equipment ever made.. In this game you will live a life of a Hunter, once you have choosen the Hero you will guide, learn the special powers of your character.

Create strategy for the challenges you will face against your enemies. Darkest hunters game is a epic journey of dark woods, dangerous sand dunes, dungeons full of lava, and more!

If you want to play this game you can download and play the game from our links below.
Name Of Game : Darkest Hunters
Category : Strategy Games
Publish Date : 14.07.2017
Size : 64 MB
Developer Firm : ECC GAMES SP. Z O.O.
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,6
How Many Times Downloaded : 5.000+