How to Download The Revenge Of Shinobi Mod Apk ?

Download: The Revenge Of Shinobi Mod Apk
Download: The Revenge Of Shinobi Mod Apk

The Revenge of Shinobi is a fighting game. If you are a fan of ninjutsu games, then you’ll love this game. Before people use to play this game on pc. Now this game is available on mobile for the very first time. The Revenge Of Shinobi offered by Sega Forever Classic Games Collection.

In this game Your character is Joe Musashi, Ninja character is out for revenge against the evil criminal organization. Evil criminal organization will killed your master and captured your bride. So, you must travel to the globe to dish out ninjutsu justice to the Crime Gang.

Use your master ninjutsu techniques and collect mystical power-ups to fight in the game. Features of This game is amazing. the game is known as The Super Shinobi in japan.

You have to clear 4 difficult levels from beginner to become Master ninja. By your techniques you can invite fire and thunder to take out entire waves of enemies. Use your level of master techniques to ruin your Adversaries. Collect shuriken to take out enemies from afar.

In Revenge of Shinobi You will find 8 globe-trotting districts, each districts with its own unique boss battle. Secret power-ups hidden throughout the game is plus point of this game.

Sega Forever released games every month. Play for free or even you can play games offline. They have a full controller support or you can save your game progress at Anytime. By use of leaderboards you can compete with the world for high scores.

With over 4.4 rating and 5 million people who downloaded “The Revenge of Shinobi”. So, Must Give it a Try.

If you want to download this game. Download from the links given below. Have Fun !!

The Revenge Of Shinobi offered by SEGA

Name of the Game: The Revenge of Shinobi

Category: Fighting Games (Ninja’s Game

Publish Date:26.07.2017

Offered By: Sega  

File Type: Apk

Google Play Rating: 4.4 

How Many Times Downloaded: 100000-500000




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