Download Verb Smash – English Tenses – Basic ESL Grammar Mod Apk

Download Verb Smash - English Tenses - Basic ESL Grammar Mod Apk
Download Verb Smash – English Tenses – Basic ESL Grammar Mod Apk

Get Ready for a English Grammar tutor at your home. Now no need to go anywhere just download the “Verb Smash English” app and learn English Grammar easily. This is the easy way to improve and test your verbs and basic tenses. Its a fast game for beginners.

In “Verb Smash English” You can learn and practice for IELTS and TOEIC. Do study by yourself at the comfort zone of your home.This is a Fun way to learn English Grammar very fast and easy.

Verb Smash is an new original course in English Grammar. The new game Teaches question and answers by using regular verbs, irregular verbs and tenses. It contains fun and knowledge both by playing a game you can learn English grammar. In this game you will learn the different conjugations of regular and irregular verbs.

In our sentences you will learn the correct form of verbs and their correct use. As we said mentioned already Its a tutorial game. So, if you make mistakes our system will correct you. You will feel like real teacher is giving guidance to you. Verb Smash game is designed by professional teachers. So, need to worry Guyz Have fun and learn English easily and quickly.

Verb Smash Course contains 5,00,000+ questions and answers OR 120 of the most common verbs. Regular and irregular verbs, present and past simple tense and other forms of tenses included in this course. The course is provided in British English. Game is very simple with easy controls. Just Go the Menu click press and start learning verbs then press play game after completing your level game over and verb smash will show you your mistakes. So, Correct your mistakes and take a big challenge of Tense game.

Game is amazing, Learn verbs earn coins and spend your coins for unlocking the big challenge. With over 4.3 rating game is downloaded by almost 5,00,000 people’s. So, Must give a try guyz. Have Fun !!

If you want to download this game. You can download from the links given below.




How To Download ? WWE 2K Mod Apk

Download WWE 2K Mod Apk
Download WWE 2K Mod Apk

WWE 2K is a authentic wrestling games for android smartphones. The game has most powerful action packed gameplay with intensity and raw emotions of wwe wrestling. In this wrestling game you can create your own superstar you always wanted to be. Its a authentic game so you will find authentic WWE 2K action in this wrestling game.

Play WWE 2K and enter in the ring as a superstar. Use your Favorite wrestling moves and favorite match types. In this game tutorial mode is also available. So, you can easily learn how to play WWE 2K from beginner to Pro. Also, You can play real time multiplayer matches in which you can play with your friends or WWE Universe, Just create you own WWE superstar and play online against your friends.

Do you want to be a PRO in Wrestling ? So, just play the game today. Choose your WWE superstar and take him through his wrestling journey. Upgrade your skills, Go the next level and Unlock tons of new items to customize your created superstar. Earn tittles and Achieve goals to Earn your name.

If you want to download this game. you can download from the links given below.

Name of the Game: WWE 2K

Category: SportsGames 

Publish Date:15.07.2015

Offered By: 2k Inc. 

File Type: Apk

Google Play Rating: 4.0

How Many Times Downloaded: 1,00,000-5,00,000



Download Moto Racer 2017 Mod Apk

Download Moto Racer 2017 Mod Apk
Download Moto Racer 2017 Mod Apk

Moto Racer 2017 is a realistic moto racing game offered by Tag Action games. So, Guyz Get ready to test your driving skills against one of the most dangerous bike drivers. Its a real bike race game. you have to deal with life and death in this game.

In Moto Racer 2017 you have enough heavy bikes to choose to get on the track. The game is amazing for the people who love to do stunts. Now you can fullfill your passion in your free time also Because in this game bike stunts are massive and thrilling. Your furious passion is to kill those evil bikers will drive you through highway and will make you the winner.

The game is not just a racing game. In this game you would bet to win the race and chase your dreams. Once the money has gone from your account you won’t get it back until you win the race.

Features of this game are easy to use with flexible controls. The game has one way and two way traffic modes and multiple game modes to play. You will get multiple motorbikes and motor cycles in different environments Or locked and unlocked environments. Collect cash and store your cash to buy new bikes. In this game you will be a real life traffic racer with flexible and comfortable usage and gears which you can control it easily.

So, Get ready and fly on adventure tracks kill the enemy and win the bet through these endless run.

If you want to download this game. You can Download from the links given below.

Name of the Game: Moto Racer 

Category: Racing Games 

Publish Date:31.07.2017

Offered By: Tag Action Games

File Type: Apk

Google Play Rating: 2.3

How Many Times Downloaded: 5,00,000-1,000,000




Download Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017 Mod Apk

Download Power Cricket T20 2017 Mod Apk
Download Power Cricket T20 2017 Mod Apk

Get Ready Cricket lovers, Its time to play cricket in palm of your hands. Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017 is a cricket game you can play in your mobile phones or PC. Play against the best cricket team around the world. In this game there are 4 different modes to play. Net Practice Mode, Tournament Mode, Super Over Mode and Challenge Mode.

  • In Net Practice Mode you will have to practice against 5 different bowlers. :- Fast bowler, Medium pace bowler, leg Spin, Off Spin and Swing Bowlers. You can earn coins by scoring against each bowler. So, Do practice and get ready for Test matches in this mode.
  • In Tournament Mode You can play 6 unique formats of T20 Tournaments like Tri Series, Premier Knockout, Champions Cup, Power Cup, Asia Cup 2017 Or Challenge Series. You can play each tournament using just batting mode or batting and bowling both modes according to your choice.
  • In Super Over Mode You can earn free PowerShots and win all tournaments. You can also play this mode with your friends and other players worldwide by scoring maximum number of points.
  • In challenge Mode You can play 50 Different and interesting challenges. So, play and win this enjoyable mode.

Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017 gameplay is very simple with great graphics and animation. Batting and Bowling both types are available to play with different types of bowlers. This game give you a realistic cricket game feel. You can play cricket  in different light conditions: Day, Evening and light area of Night. Or You can play as a captain and manage your own team. WhatElse you need in a cricket game ? The game is totally in your own controls. Very Easy and Interesting to play. So, Play the game today !!

If you want to download this game. Download from the links given bellow.



Download Real Wrestling 3D Mod Apk

Download Real Wrestling 3D Mod Apk
Download Real Wrestling 3D Mod Apk

Real Wrestling 3d is the first realistic 3D Action sports game involving battle techniques. This game is the first 3D wrestling games to hit the android platform. The game has amazing jaw-dropping 3D graphics, intuitive touch controls. And action packed gameplay create a unique action experience for fans.

In Real Wrestling 3d you can fight by using a variety of revolution battle type  techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and take downs etc. Step into the ring and immerse yourself in world of wrestling action. In this game you will see 140+ unique wrestlers in pro league and cage match mode.

Real Wrestling is a game with realistic wrestling moves and authentic actions. The game features 3D motion animation and will give you on the spot sounds according to movements of the game. So play this game today and maintain a first position over your enemies !!

Real Wrestling puts the power,intensity and raw emotion of wrestling in the palm of your hand.

If you want to download this game, Download from the links given below.

Name of the Game: Real Wrestling 3D 

Category: Sports Games 

Publish Date:22.08.2016

Offered By: Candy Mobile

File Type: Apk

Google Play Rating: 2.1

How Many Times Downloaded: 10,000,000-50,000,000



Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk
Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk

Wrestling Revolution 3D game is offered by MDickie. The new Wrestling Revolution 3d Game features two aspects in one universe. In game two modes are available to play first is booking mode and other is creative mode. And if you want you can play by other option to upgrade to enjoy a “pro” experience with no ads or limitation.

The Game Controls are very basic. Game features a interactive tutorial  which advised you to play. Basic controls are :- Attack, Grapple, Run, Drop, Pin, Pause or even you can switch your character.

If playing In Pro mode isn’t enough for you, The game has a separate “backstage pass” which allows you to play God by saving your changes to all 9 rosters. In this game 20 wrestlers in rings of any shape or size are available to play. Its a 3d action sports game. The game has amazing 3d graphics with realistic Action. So, choose your WWE superstar and take him through his wrestling journey. And or Earn tittle or acheive goals.

In Wrestling Revolution 3d no. of characters is the biggest factor so do consider on turning off refrees and set a limit on the match size. The strings of the game is demanding so you may squeeze in an extra character. Turn off shadows and reduce crowd sprites may also help in game. So, play the game today we ensure you’ll never grow bored of wrestling again. With over 4.0 rating and upto 45 millions people who downloaded this game. So, Must Give a Try !!

If you want to Download this game. download from the links given below.

Name of the Game: Wrestling Revolution 3D 

Category: Sports Games 

Publish Date:18.07.2017

Offered By: MDickie

File Type: Apk

Google Play Rating: 4.0

How Many Times Downloaded: 10,000,000-50,000,000



Top 10 Games to be Released In September


Release Date- 6th September 2017

Destiny 2 is a Action War Game. offered by Apeeo Z Ink. The game is based on historic battle. Fight against your enemies to complete your dangerous missions. In Destiny 2 you will fight as a special operation soldier. Grab your guns and experience exciting WW2 compaigns with challenging missions. Complete deadlist and valuable military targets by using snipers, machine guns and tanks.

Destiny 2 is a High-end immersive gameplay with cosmic graphics.

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Release Date- 19th September 2017

Marvel vs capcom infinite is a fighting action game offered by Berserk Games ltd.

Marvel vs Capcom infinite games are always a blast, huge rosters and plenty of fighting actions. The new version comes with new twists and bring more new characters in the battle for survival. Infinite also has proper story mode and more accessible than past entries. It will be fun to play.

If you are a fan of Marvel’s Game then you can download New Marvel Spider Man Unlimited from the links given below.

Click Here To Download  


Release Date- 29th September 2017

Cuphead is a classic action game. the game is based on 1930s Old School Cartoons. Incredible cartoon graphics with easy and smooth controls. The game is created  for all android devices. In this game you will go through with almost 200 levels and in each level you will get bonus or secret bonus as a gift.

In this gameplay of cuphead and mugman you have to control your hero to collect gold, power ups, level ups and kill evils in the game. The game is easy to play with one touch technology. Just touch the screen anywhere to jump your hero and avoid difficulties and enemies and keep in mind you have to collect gold coins to clear your level.

The game reminds me of Mario Game which i used to play in my childhood time.


Release Date- 19th September 2017

Echo is a third person science fiction adventure game. In this game the player is a girl who lost her life, Now she hopes to bring back a life that shouldn’t have been lost. She starts her journey of discovery but it changes into something altogether more punishing. Gameplay includes around secrecy, action and manipulation as player has to face off against the ultimate enemy.

In Echo game you can play the game according to you. The way you play shapes the game. Its the most interesting thing in this game. when you started playing the game it creates ECHOES, exact copy of you in every way if you shoot they will shoot, if you fight they will fight back. The game constantly reacts to your choice and input. The game is made of rich story and atmosphere.

Knack II

Release Date- 5th September 2017

Knack II is a action game. In this game player control the character of knack. Knack has full of combat abilities like punch, kick, change size, use a shield and others. The game is offered by SIE Japan Studio. The game features a Skill tree system where players can upgrade knack’s abilities by collecting points and energy in each level. You can play this game by connecting with your friends. The game going to be released on 5th of september 2017.

Project Cars 2

Release Date-22nd September 2017

Project cars 2 Game is a car racing game offered by slightly mad studios. In this game 180 cars created by world’s most top brands. Each car in game has been selected to represent a moment in time, an era of racing and the sense of motorspot captured.

In project cars 2 you will race in diffferent locations like ice, mud, dirt which brings a challenge to play this game. The game is tested and tuned by pro racing drivers. Its a realistic featured game where dynamic surface and weather physics affects vehicle performance and handling. you will see real time atmospheric conditions and seasonal ambience. So, Are you a fan of different racing cars ? Then must give a try to this game and drive top brand cars. Project cars 2 going to be released on 22nd september 2017.


Release Date- 14th September 2017

Divinity Original Sin II is a role playing game offered by Larian Studios. The game features a competitive multiplayer mode where players are divided into two different teams and fight against each other. You can play this game with upto 3 companions or upto 4 Players can compete or assist each other in multiplayer mode. In this game player can change the environment according to their advantage. There is a skill crafting system to allow the player to mix and change their skills and a cover system is also can be used in action.

BATTLEFIELD 1- In The Name of Tsar

Release Date- 30th September 2017

Battlefield 1- In the name of Tsar is based on World War 1. In this game you will join russian army. play as the largest army in the world. New series of this game brought 11 new weapons and new vehicles. And a new Game mode: SUPPLY DROP. In new mode you will fight against your enemies on the eastern front as planes airdrop.

The new series is way better than the old one. So, Must give a try to new Battlefield 1- In the name of Tsar and take challenges in game. The game is going to be released on 30th september 2017


Release Date-28th September 2017

Totat War : Warhammer II is a realistic strategy game offered by Sega. The game is similar to other strategy war games. And scheduled to be released for windows-based personal computers. The game currently  announce races in the campaign including Lizardmen, High Elves,  Dark Elves and Skaven.

Graphics of Total war : warhammer II game is interesting. Must give a try. The game going to be released on 28th september 2017


Release Date- 29th September 2017

FIFA 18 is a football simulation game offered by Electronic Arts. The game features 52 fully licensed stadiums from 12 countries. All 20 premier league stadiums are represented in this new FIFA series. In this game commentary is provided by Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and more.

In FIFA 18 players can experience new locations and also they can unlock new items which include new clothes and hairstyles for hunter. The game is scheduled to be released on 29th september 2017